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Amazing grace

Young dancer shines in stage and school, on road to NYU

What began as a way to occupy a bored four-year-old during her older brother’s hockey practice has become a passion, and soon a career, for Danielle Abraham.

Danielle, now 18, said her mother was happy to discover a children’s ballet class conveniently located in the same building as the hockey rink. 

“It started out as ‘where can we put Danielle,’ and there just happened to be a class at the same time as my brother’s practice. My mom never realized I’d never stop dancing,” said Danielle.

Her passion for dance led her through increasingly rigorous training, and eventually to instructor Terry Fox, and the Fox Ballet Company in St. Charles.

Terry said he recognized Danielle’s potential when she studied with him early on, but said that her commitment is what sets her apart. 

“I could see that she had the ability and the body, but it also takes time to see if (a student) will hang in there,” he said. “Only about one percent of people who start dance eventually move into it as a profession. It’s like a sport, you have to stick with it.”

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