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Houses Of Card

Entrepreneur Jill Card keeps St. Charles and nearby towns in style with three fashion boutiques.

Jill Card owns three fashion boutiques in the western suburbs. (Melissa Emory)

An eye for fashion and a heart for people has helped entrepreneur Jill Card turn Jeans and a Cute Top Shop into a successful business.

The downtown St. Charles boutique opened in 2010 and is actually Card’s second of three locations. The first opened in Wheaton in 2009, and the newest store opened in Downers Grove last fall. The store’s name is an apt description of its merchandise, with accessories and even a few shoes rounding out the mix.

In addition, the store offers styling assistance and complimentary alterations.

“I’m filling a niche,” Card says. “I’d always wanted to find a store like this, so I created what I couldn’t find.”

Card and her staff like to tell customers that when it comes to jeans, they’re three deep knee bends away from the perfect fit.

“Everyone’s shape is different, every pair of jeans is different and we’ll always be honest about how it looks,” Downers Grove store manager Cathy Jankiewicz says. “If it’s not right, we’ll say, ‘We can do better,’ and we keep looking until we find the right pair.”

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