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Homes With History

An image of the Woolcott’s Elgin home from a 1928 Sears catalog. (Image provided)

If the modern real estate mantra is “location, location, location,” Kane County’s historic homes add a few more Desirable Traits: Charming. Unique. Comfortable. characteristic.

Throughout Kane County, painted lady Victorians, cozy bungalows and classic all-American four squares, some complete with a spacious welcoming front porch, remind us of the way life used to be — even if we’re too young to remember it. 

Step inside as three residents share what they love about their historic homes.

1907 Victorian Shingle

For Al Hiller, retirement has provided time to perfect his swing. Not his golf swing. His hammer swing.

Since 2000, when Hiller and his wife, Anne Fleming, purchased their 1907 Geneva home, they have repaired, redecorated and expanded to make the home comfortably modern while maintaining its vintage charm.

Originally from the south suburbs, the couple came to Geneva after Fleming accepted a new position at St. Charles Community Unit School District 303. The two immediately fell in love with the community and its historical homes.

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