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Success Times Two

Three Kane County Residents Share How They Switched Careers Midstream

Rebecca Colburn stands behind the counter of Gracious Hall Inc. in Geneva, which she opened in 2011. It is a full-service catering company that also offers fresh meals to go. (Photo by Melissa Emory)

A workplace trend with a catchy name — “recareering” — is becoming more commonplace. 

Led by baby boomers moving toward a non-traditional working retirement and younger workers displaced from corporate America, more professionals are embracing encore careers.

A 2008 article in U.S. News and World Report cited a survey by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, a San Francisco think tank, showing that as many as 8.4 million Americans between the ages of 44 and 70 have already launched second careers “in positions that combine income with personal meaning and social impact.”

Michael Bevis, director of academic affairs at University of Phoenix, sees students like this every day. Some want to enter the nonprofit sector. Others plan to open their own business. Still others are seeking to combine two careers simultaneously.

But most of them share a common trait.

“They’re seeking an education to pursue their passion,” Bevis says.

How do they do it? Three Kane Country professionals who have launched successful second careers share their stories.

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