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Wine Niche: Blending In

There is not a better way to make wine then through the art of blending. 

For some purists, it may be frowned upon, but when you break down the facts of making the perfect wine, your odds are better with a blend then a single grape varietal. 

A single grape can only give you the components that it offers, whereas the blending of multiple grapes can give you the desired taste that you are looking for.

Take a very popular grape in the U.S., like the cabernet sauvignon. Cabernet, for the most part, has a very aggressive, strong flavor that can leave your mouth dry and may overpower most foods by itself. 

But if you blend a softer, more approachable grape varietal with the cabernet sauvignon grape it will soften the taste of the wine. These blending methods have been used since the development of wine.

I really think French wineries are the true masters of the blend as they have been doing it for years. Some of the most expensive wines in the world are from this region and are fetching thousands of dollars per bottle in futures, which are wines that are paid for before the wine is even made. It is almost like playing the stock market. That is what the true art of the blend can bring.

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