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Artist Profile: A Feel For Art

Fawn Clarke-Peterson works on a piece she calls “The Lowest Common Denominator” at Water Street Studios in Batavia. (Jeff Krage)

A first glance at Fawn Clarke-Peterson’s sculpture reveals the influence texture and touch has had on the artist’s works.

In addition to her sculptures being three-dimensional, the pieces grab the viewer’s attention with their ceremonial and tactile look. The sculptures are complicated, yet simple, and they leave much interpretation up to the viewer.

“I consider myself very tactile and enjoy creating pieces that are different,” says Clarke-Peterson, who lives in Aurora. “It’s really hard for me not to touch anything — this is one reason why I’m drawn to sculpture.”

Influences According to her artist statement, “… growing up in a Catholic household, I found magic in the ceremony, in the relics and the artifacts of that culture. That culture also esteemed the ‘sacred object’ — things of magic and mystery that hold the essence of what is true and real. I often see my work as an enduring struggle to define the context of the world in which I exist … .”

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