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Low-fat Recipe Of The Month: Fond Of Fondue

This fondue recipe is low in fat and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. (Jeff Krage)

What could be more yummy and romantic than making a chocolate fondue to share with your sweetie?

And this recipe is low in fat, so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging with ripe pieces of pineapple, strawberries and other fruit, or chunks of moist and low-fat angel food cake.

“It is low fat because we use very little half and half — which is half cream and half milk — and then skim milk,” says Carol Segobiano. “Most fondue recipes call for heavy whipping cream with lots of fat. This cooks up very smooth and creamy.”

Segobiano and Ursula Bulgarelli, both of St. Charles, are owners of the personal chef and catering business Pear of Chefs. They came up with this recipe the past holiday season when a mother had ordered a gift basket for her son and his girlfriend living in Washington, D.C.

“She asked us to fill a basket for a full dinner,” Segobiano says. “We created the menu for him, provided the recipes, nonperishable items and grocery list in the basket,” Segobiano says. “We thought the fondue was a great date-night dessert.”

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