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Home Design: Book Smart

Creating A Comfortable Home Library

Home libraries that take up an entire room of their own are typical in high-end custom homes. (Photo provided by Southampton Builders)

One could say that librarian Ellen Schmid brought her work home — literally.

Schmid, reference coordinator at the Geneva Public Library District, and her husband, Erich, recently built their own home library.

“We bought the shelves from Borders when it was going out of business and a ladder that slides,” says Schmid, who has been a librarian for 12 years and before that owned a children’s bookstore in Arizona. “[Erich] knew I always wanted my own library,” she says. “It took about a year from start to finish to conceive what we were going to do and gather all the books in the house. We had quite a number of books.”

How to display, organize books Schmid arranged four 9-foot floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, complete with lighting, along one wall in a small, parlor-like room in her Geneva home.

Each member of the family — Mom, Dad, daughter Emily, 16, and son Elliot, 9 — has his or her own shelving unit for a personal collection.

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