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A Beautiful Life Together

Barney Lykins kisses Carolyn, his wife of more than 50 years. (Heather Nelson)

Barney Lykins saw his future wife walk by him at an Ohio church when they were only teens.

He whispered to his two buddies that he was going to marry her some day.

His prediction came true six years later after a stint in the military.

When they met, Carolyn was 14, and Barney was 17.

“When we started dating, his sisters would go with us because my mother didn’t want me to be alone with him,” Carolyn says. “We’d go to the Dairy Queen after church, and that’s where he gave me his class ring. I was just starting high school.”

Love through the ages After he graduated from high school, Barney couldn’t find a job, so he signed up for the military. He left to go overseas to Japan for two and a half years.

“His mother wanted us to get married, but I was only 15 at the time,” Carolyn says. “My family wanted me to graduate from high school first, and so did I.”

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