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Write This Down: Exercise

Why To Start ... And How To Stay With It

As a self-proclaimed exercise addict, it has been about 15 years since I have had to make any kind of New Year’s resolution to work out more.

Not only do I exercise religiously, but I also have made it my job to exercise. Last year, I received my Group Fitness Certification and now teach cycle/Spinning, Pilates and Piloxing.

While becoming a group fitness instructor is not for everyone, I have learned some important things about how exercise can make you feel empowered, inspired and even sexy. For a mommy who spends most of her time in either sweaty gym clothes or T-shirts and jeans that likely have today’s lunch spilled on the front, finding my mojo can be downright liberating. But here are some tips that I’ve found work well:

1) Look at the time and money spent on exercising as an investment in not only your health, but also your happiness. For many people, finding extra funds and time to get to the gym is a major obstacle. My husband used to complain that the last thing he wanted to do when he got home from work was head to the gym because he was too tired. Once he committed to working out either during the day on his lunch hour or when he got home, however, he found he had more energy and less stress. He also found a gym near his office that offers an employee discount as long as he goes eight times a month and found a low-cost gym near our house for the evenings and weekends. For us moms, it allows us some time away to blow off steam. In the end, the less stressed you are, the happier everyone is.

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