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Family Fitness

St. Charles Family Makes Exercise Fun

Jackie Kold and other area fitness experts promote anything that gets people moving and thinking healthier. Pictured are Henry and Maggie Riley, ages 5 and 7, respectively, as they climb rocks. (Photo provided)

Fitness can be contagious, especially in families.

For the Rileys, it all began when 70-year-old Dixie Riley of St. Charles started working out with the help of Jackie Kold Fitness and Yoga in St. Charles.

Soon after, her daughter-in-law Kristy Riley began personal training sessions with Kold. And Riley’s daughter, Maggie, along with Riley’s niece Sarah Black took part in a special yoga workshop offered by the studio.

“I’m seeing more and more families contact me,” says Kold, a certified trainer and yoga instructor. “I’ve got a grandfather, two granddaughters and their parents doing a yoga session together ... .

“You can bring all levels together and all get what you need,” she continues. “It’s not like you’re just going to a yoga class. You’re bringing togetherness to your families. There’s a lot of laughter.”

Be the good example Kold and other area fitness experts promote family workouts along with anything else that get people moving and thinking healthier.

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