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How To Feed Your Face

"If you're using a lot of synthetic chemicals, it's not good for your face." Joan Kesman, owner of Skin Care Plus of Geneva

No, this isn’t an article about over-eating.

Instead, it’s how Amy Rudolph, a customer at Skin Care Plus of Geneva, approaches skin care.

“We are so bombarded with toxins from every direction — in our food and practically every product we use,” she says. “So, I try to avoid it as much as I can. What you put on your skin goes right into your system, the same as what you put into your mouth.”

Rudolph is committed to a healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and she uses organic products whenever possible.

“I like to eat organically, and I also have really sensitive skin,” she says. “I’ve had bad reactions to things in the past.” 

The red, puffy and blotchy skin caused by salon and department store brands led her to try organic facials, and she’s been thrilled with the results.

“I’ve had no bad reactions, and people think I’m a lot younger than I am, which is good,” Rudolph says. “I’m aging very well.”

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