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Think Outside The Gym

Mary Ferguson of St. Charles holds on to the barre during an Xtend Barre class at V Fusion Studio in Geneva. (Melissa Emory)

Two years ago, Geneva resident Kelly Kalinka was bored with her health club-based fitness routine and looking for something new.

She reconnected with her old love for ballet and discovered a new way to exercise through an Xtend Barre class at V Fusion Studio in Geneva.

“Xtend Barre was completely different from what my gym offered,” she says. “I liked the combination of Pilates and ballet, which I used to do, along with cardio and weights. I just fell in love with it.”

By following a healthy diet and working out almost every day, Kalinka lost more than 15 pounds and dropped two dress sizes.

“I was back to my high school weight,” she says.

Now in the sixth month of pregnancy, Kalinka still attends class three days a week, though she has had to modify many of the Xtend Barre moves, such as using an exercise ball for sit-ups to support her lower back.

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