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Winter Work-Out Wear

Athleta: Twist half-zip featuring Meryl SkinLife, $89 (Photo provided)

Today, women want more from their athletic wear. Wearing materials that are comfortable and stretch with each movement is important, but it isn’t enough.

“Stylish and feminine clothing is the latest and biggest trend in women’s sportswear,” says Tess Roering, vice president of marketing at Athleta, a women’s performance apparel and gear brand owned by Gap Inc. “Not only do women want comfortable and breathable clothing, but they want something that’s feminine and cute, too.”

Technology And Sportswear Sportswear has come a long way from the shorts and T-shirts women used to throw on for a run or workout at the gym. Instead, today’s sportswear incorporates the latest technology to include materials that are lightweight, reflective, durable, anti-bacterial or anti-odor, offer UPF — Ultraviolet Protection Factor — protection and have wicking qualities.

Pilayo is just one of those new materials. The slightly compressive material helps a garment stay in place so women don’t have to tug on the material.

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