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Wine Niche: Which Wine?

It’s already time to start thinking about the holidays. They come up so fast every year!

And when you start to think about the holidays, you start to think about big family dinners. While Americans might not be as traditional as we were in the past when it comes to what food we serve, one tradition remains — there is still generally wine at the table. 

Picking out your wine for dinner is an absolutely crucial part of planning the meal. My best comparison to help you understand the importance of finding the right pairing is this: picture eating a chocolate chip cookie and washing it down with water instead of milk. That can be the difference between how a bad wine can make food taste and how a good wine can make food taste.

Some of the classic meals during the holidays feature turkey or ham, cranberries, pumpkin, squash, potatoes, tons of butter, Jello, fruit pies, greens and more. This kind of leaves you all over the place.

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