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Healthy Holidays To You

How To Avoid Gaining Weight This Season

It takes six minutes of vigorous jumping jacks to burn off the calories in one candy cane, according to

The holiday season brings more than cards and gifts.

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that while the average holiday weight gain is less than two pounds, the weight typically doesn’t go away.

Add that up over several years, and the impact on your health can be significant.

A packed social calendar, office treat tables loaded with homemade goodies and favorite family recipes made with cream and butter can pose a challenge for anyone trying to lose — or at least not gain — weight.

However, a healthy holiday is possible … without missing your favorite foods, say Kane County diet and fitness experts.

Portion control, sticking with a fitness plan — even if it is slightly altered to accommodate a busy schedule — and setting a realistic goal to maintain your present weight can send you into the New Year with treasured holiday memories, not extra pounds.

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