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Diamond Delight

Diamonds are forever, and they're always a popular holiday gift. Explore the latest trends in these sparkling stones.

Pictured is a sampling of diamond jewelry available at JP Jewelers in St. Charles. (Melissa Emory)

While many jewelers emphasize the four Cs of diamonds — cut, color, clarity and carat — Jim Petterec believes in a fifth C: confidence.

As the owner of JP Jewelers in St. Charles, he says confidence stems from the relationship between a diamond expert and his or her customer.

And this holiday season, Petterec and other area jewelers are sharing their insights — and the hottest diamond trends — with shoppers.

Direct from Mother Nature A rare gift option, the diamond has long been coveted for its durability and sparkle, says Petterec, who creates custom diamond jewelry in his downtown St. Charles store.

“The gemstone itself is the hardest mineral known to man, with the highest refractive index,” Petterec says. “In other words, it has the highest sparkle.”

Aside from its brilliant shine, the stone’s existence itself is rare, he says. When unearthed in mines, diamonds are typically less than one carat in weight, and any diamond larger than that is even more special.

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