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Find Your Inner Artist

“Sandy’s Violin” by Tony Carnesecchi. (Photo provided)

Even if you think you aren’t artistic, you’ll be able to create art at Tony and Friends Art Studio. The St. Charles business, owned by Tony Carnesecchi for the past 11 years, offers adults and children the chance to learn the basics of painting and drawing.

Even more so, Carnesecchi says, he offers artistic hope to many who have none.

“I get people in here all the time that have never drawn or painted before in their lives,” he says. “It’s pretty rewarding when I can wring some talent out of these people and get them to do something they thought they could never do. That’s what we strive for ...

“I love what I do.”

Among the many classes, workshops, independent studies and camps offered are mother-daughter painting classes, after-school and weekend art classes and workshops in which students “make it” and “take it” home.

His “Kids 1-Day Winter Workshops” have been a “big hit,” Carnesecchi says. Students ages 5 to 13 complete projects consisting of acrylic, watercolor paints and possibly Cray-pas. This year’s workshops will take place Dec. 26 through 28.

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