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Chop Shop

Rick Sands of St. Charles places a hot towel over the face of Brent Carter of St. Charles. The hot towel opens up the pores, making the skin ready for a shave. (Heather Nelson)

Inside Berry’s Barber Shop in St. Charles, guys come to get a haircut, enjoy a hot lather shave and talk about whatever they want.

“Not a whole lot has changed here through the century,” says barber Rick Sands, noting the shop has been at the same location for 102 years. “It’s that consistency and stability that keeps men coming back here. However, we’re one of the only barbershops in the valley that continues to give a hot lather full shave and steamed towel.

“It’s a novelty thing.”

Islands for men Today, many young men come in to Berry’s on their wedding day with all their groomsmen to create a memory of getting their first shave from a barber.

“We battle with the price because you can do two or three haircuts in the same time it takes to do one shave,” Sands says. “So, we charge $30. It costs $55 to $75 for the same thing in downtown Chicago.”

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