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Behind The Bar

The Beehive Tavern Grille is located on Main Street in St. Charles. (Heather Nelson)

Life behind the bar can provide an individual with many important lessons, say two local bartenders.

And those lessons can come in handy in aspects of life on the other side of the bar, too.

Knute Beckford of St. Charles knows that good bartenders have to have a great personality, an innate ability to interact easily with anybody and they must be quick on their feet.

“You have to be very attentive,” says Beckford, who has been a bartender at The Beehive Tavern and Grille in St. Charles for the last four and a half years. “If you look down the bar and somebody has an empty glass, you want to be sure in a couple of seconds … you say, ‘You want another one?’”

“[As my general manger always says], ‘Your head always has to be on a swivel,’” he adds.

Beckford, 36, who also works in construction, says he enjoys bartending and wishes he had started tending bar earlier in life.

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